DDJ Research & Foundation

DDJ Research Foundation Organizational Profile


DDJ Research Foundation was established in the year B. S. 2058/059 (2002 A.D.) with the registration number 839/2058/2059 by the government of Nepal. It is an independent NGO located in Chagal tole Tahachal house no. 468/31 ward 13 KMC, Kathmandu, Nepal.


  • To promote research activities in zoonotic diseases, water borne diseases, food safety hygiene and sanitation, social economical and cultural value of the farmers particularly livestock farmers in Nepal.
  • To support young researcher from different universities, government offices and non-government offices and companies, industries, and freelance students of under graduate, graduate and post graduate.
  • To provide fund to the guanine and poorest student coming from different ill developed portion of the country to carry out research on their own farm problems or nation problem on livestock breeds, husbandry, nutrition, breeding, diseases and draught animal in the country.

Since its inception the research thesis reports provided by DDJ Research Foundation grantee students to the foundation office

Research Reports

S. N. Name Academic Year Subject
1. Anwita Jha 2004 TU Prevalence of intestine Parasite in adolescent girls in relation to socio-behavioral aspects in Kritipur Municipality
2. Ananda Bahalav Joshi 1992 TU Analysis of kala-azar situation and studied on the influential factors of the disease occurrence in Morang District Eastern Developmental region of Nepal
3. Alka Singh 2004 V.R, Prevalence of E.coli 0157:h7 in goats of IAAS Farm
4. Bishnu Raj Tiwari 1998,TU An Epidemiological study of antibiotic resistant enteric bacteria in sub-urban community of Kathmandu valley
5. Bikash Bahattarai V.R, Prevalence of Tuberculosis among cattle and buffaloes on Kanchanpur.
6. Budhan chaudhary TU,2003 Hospital &community based study on infection of human intestinal parasites in relation to socio medical aspects
7. Devi Prasad Kharel TU 2000 Prevalence of intestinal helminthes parasitic infestation in general and hookworm in particular on Bhutanese refugees settled in Jhapa District of Nepal
8. Deb Kreeshna Tamrakar TU,2002 Prevalence of pulmonary tuberculosis in relation to economical socio-behavioral aspects in Ramechhap District of  Nepal
9. Deepak Karki TU.2003 An epidemiological survey on intenstinal helminthes among magar communities in barangadi vdc palpa
10. Era Tuladhar TU,1996 Bacteriological study cheese of kathamandu city
11. Hira B. Rana TU2012 Sero epidemiological surveillance of human and animal brucellosis in surkhet district
12. Janak Raj Subedi TU 2000 Epidemiological surveillance study of human mites infestation based on baseline health survey in wards 19&20 kmc
13. Kumari Kamini Jha TU 1993 Studies on some trematode parasites of vertebrates
14. Lakshmi Gewali TU 2002 Bacteriological and helminathological assessment of the drinking water quality of ward 19 kmc
15. Mahendra Maharjan TU 1996 Incidence of zoonotic disease echinococcosis/hydatidosis in water buffaloes slaughtered for meat in wester part of kmc
16. Maya Upadhyay TU1998 Sero-prevalence of human and animal brucellosis in chitwan district, central region of Nepal
17. Pardip Kumar Gyawali TU 2003 Baseline study on gastrointestinal parasitic infection of kumal at gaindakot village development committee, nawalparasi district, Nepal
18. Purna Maya Poudyal TU 1998 Prevalence of taenia solium in pigs and its public helath importance in kmc and dhran municipality, sunsari district of Nepal
19. Parjawal Raj Regmi V.R 2000 Internship Report
20. Phadendra Raj Chamlagai TU 2000 A Histological study of the lesions in Helminthes infection in the domestic fowls
21. Dr. Padam Raj Bista Study on different types of eye Allergy cases in Rapti  Eye Hospital, Tulsipur Dangs Nepal
22. Raju Gautam V.R 2000 Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science
23. Priti Sagar Khatri TU 2003 Echinococcosis/Hydatidosis  in different Livestock slaughtered in Banepa
24. Thakur Prasad Paudel TU 1999 Drug Resistant Enteric Bacterian in Poultry Samples of KMC
25. Sunita Kumari Shah TU 2001 Socio-Economic and Epidiemiological Status of Visceral Leishmaniasis (Kala-Azar) in Siraha District of Nepal
26. Sunila Thapa TU 2002 Assessment of Biological Contamination and Water Borne Helminthic Parasites in Drinking Water Sources of Ward no.20 KMC
27. Saranue Sharma V.R 2004 Study on Contamination of Poultry Drinking Water by  Coliform Bacteria in Bacteria in KMC
28. Shree Kanta Sharma Poudel TU 2000 Epidemiological Surveillance Study of Humanlice Infestation Based on Baseline Health Survey in Wards 19 & 20 of KMC
29. Rishi Dahal M.T 2003 Sero-Epidemiological Surveillance Brucellosis among Humans and Animals in Dolakha Distict Nepal
30. Rajendra Karkee TU 2001 Prevalence of Malaria in Relation to Socio – Behavioral in Kavre District of Nepal
31. Roshani Shrestha (Kasuju) TU 2000 Prevalence of Intestinal Parasites UPTO 10 Years old Children KTM and Bhaktapur
32. Vandana Joshi TU Study of Raw Meat Sample for Isolation and Identification of Salmonella Species In ward no.13
33. Yadav Prasad Joshi TU 2003 Prevalence of Bovine Tuberculosis among Livestock and its Relation with Human Tuberculosis in kanchanpur district
34. Yadav Sharma Bajagai V.R 2004 Assessment of Public Health Hazard of Cystic Echinococcosis/Hydatidosis from Buffaloes
35. Saroj Yadav V.R 2002 Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science
36. Kedar B. Karki V.R, Assessment of the Immunoglogic Property, Pathogenicity and Treatment of Fusarium graminearum
    37. Bimal Kumar Chhetri V.R 2001 Internship Report on Bachelor of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry
    38. Kiran Ghimire TU 2002 Prevalence of Intestinal Parasites in Human and Dogs of Kathmandu Metropolitan city Particularly in ward no 19 KMC
    39. Sangeeta Karki TU 2003 Prevalence of Intestinal Parasites in Human and Dog of Kathmandu Metropolitan City Particularly in ward No 20
   40. Rajendra Bdr. Thapa TU 2000 Prevalence of Intestinal Helminth Parasites in General and Taenia sps. In Detail, Particularly in Bote and Darai communities of Vyash Municipality- 5 , Kumaltari Tanahun District of Nepal
   41. Kapur Bista TU 2003 A Proposal Prevelence of Vector Borne-Disease in General and Malaria in Particular in Kanchanpur District
  42. Rajendra Prasad Parajuli TU 2003 Prevalence of Intestinal Parasites in Relation to their Socio-Cultural and socio-Economic Status.
  43. Sujan Rana Sero-Prevalence of Brucellosis in Slaughter Swines in the Kathmandu Valley
 44. Kapur Bista TU 2005 Prevalence of Malaria in Relation  to Socio-Behavioral Aspects in Kanchanur District468-\468-\0
45. Anil Poudel V.R 2006 A reportn B.V.Sc. and A.h Program with Topic Interest  ” Sero-Prevalance of Brucellosis in Small Ruminants
46. Bikash Bhattarai V.R 2006 Certain Epidemiological Features of Bovene Tuberculosis in Vestern Chitwan, Nepal.
47. Uttam Acharya H.I 2006 Seroprevalence of Caprine Burcellosis in Chitlang
48. Punya Ram Sukupayo TU 2007 Prevalence of Intestinal Helminth Parasites among Students of Dyola School of Bhaktapur
49 Arjun Aryal V.R 2007 A report on B.V.Sc And A.H Program with Topic of Interest  “SERO-PREVALENCE OF HUMAN BRUCELLOSIS IN KATHMANDU”
50 Meenu Shakya TU 2007 An Integrated Approach to the Control and Prevention of Intestinal Parasitic Infection
51 Varsa Malla(Gurung) TU 2007 Intestinal Helminth Parasites of Macac mulatta (Zimmermann) from Pasupati (Kathmandu District) and Nilbarahi Area  (Bhaktapur District) of Nepal
53 Krishna Raj Pandey V.R 2007 Prevalence and Comparision of carcass examination, lingual examination and EITB for the diagnosis of porcine cysticercosis in Nepal.
54 Madan Singh Bohara TU 2007 Reproductive Tract Infections Among Women Attending Gynecological Outpatient Department, Tribhuwan University, Teaching Hospital.
55 Raj Kumar Shahu TU 2008 Ectoparasitic infestations in Humans and Animals of Chitwan and Kathmandu
56 Arati Sharma V.R 2008 Prevalence of Cystic Echinococcosis/ Hydatifosis  in Buffaloes Slaughtered  in Kirtipur Municipality  and its  Impact on Public Health
57 Birochan Shrestha “Sero-Prevalence of Brucellosis in different  Species of Meat Animals of Nepal”
58 Jyotsna  Acharya TU 2008 Assessment of Bacteriological and Helminthological Contaminationn in Drinking water Sources of Lalitpur Sub- Metropolitan City
59 Rajan Karki TU 2008 Prevalance of Intestinal Parasites Among Students of Anansa Bhairab Lower Secondary School  of Mulpani Kathmandu
60 Trailokya Nath Joshi TU 2008 An Epidemiological analysis of Lymphatic Filarisasis in Kabahigoth VDC, Kabahi, Bara  District of Nepal
61 Dil Shobha Gurung TU 2008 Role of Ganoderma in the Control and Prevention of  Microbial Infection
62 Shashi Kumar Sharma TU 2008 A Study on Prevalence of Pulmonary Tuberculosis Among the Suspected Cases Visiting  Gorkha  District Hospital  and Tuberculosis  Awareness Among Them
63 Sapana Kandel M.T 2008 Intestinal Parasitic Infection in Children in Kathamandu Valley, Nepal: A study in Kanti Children’s Hospital , Maharajgung, Kathmandu, Nepal
64 Ishwar Raj Pandit TU 2008 Prevalence of Enterobius vermicularis  in early school  aged chidren  in relation  to socio-economic factors in Bharatpur Municipality, Nepal
65 Bidur Prasad Gautam V.R 2009 Prevalence of Cystic Echinococcosis/ Hydatidosis in Slaughtered Buffaloes  of Kathmandu Metropolitan City and  Assessment of Its Impact on Public Health
66 Ajit Kumar Karna V.R 2009 Prevalence of Taenia solium Cysticercosis in Swine in Kathmand Valley and its Impact  on Public  Health
67 Renu Maiya Maharjan TU 2009 Prevalence of Echinococcosis /Hydatidosis in Different  Livestock Slaghtered in Kirtipur Municipality and its  Impact  on Public Health
68 Pabitra Muni Bajracharya TU Survey of Buffalo slaughtering places and meat shops of Kirtipur Municipality for infrastructures facilites and prevalence of Helminth Parasites
69 Meelina Shakya TU Prevalence of Taenia solium in Pigs and its Public Health Importance in Kirtipur Municipality
70 Nabin Kumar Pandit M.T 2009 Epidemiological Study in Human Lice and Lice Borne Diseases in Pato VDCof Saptari District
71 Anita Kunwar M.T 2009 Baseline Health Survey and Prevalence of Intestinal  Parasities among the Children’s Hospital ,Maharajgung, Kathmandu Nepal.
72 Babita Maharjan M.T 2009 Prevalence of Intestinal Parasits in Children Attending OPD of Kanti Children Hospital, Kathmandu
73 Anita Ale V.R  2010 Prevalence of Taenia solium CYSTUCERCOSIS  in Swine and  Neurocysticercosis in Human  in Kathmandu Valley  and its  impact  in Public  Health
74 Brecht Devleesschauwer 2008-2009 Seroprevalence of Cysticercosis in Slaughter Pigs in the  Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
75 Binod Kumar  Yadav 2010 Prevalence of intestinal Parasites in People  Consuming and non-consuming  Alchol of Mushar Community, Chandralalpur-6, Siraha
76 Nandkishor Yadav V.R 2009 Investigation on Diagnostic Indicators  of Echinococcosis in  Slaughtering Buffaloes  if Chitwan District, Nepal.
77 Rakesh Prasad Sah H.I 2008 Seroprevalance of Visceeral Leishmaniasis in Human  Population of Siraha District and Detection of Leishmania Antibody in Pig
78 Tara Nath Gaire H.I 2009 Screening  of Bovine Tuberculosis in Dots Implemented Area Of  Kavre District
79 Til Bahadur Basnet TU 2008 Incidence of Malaria  in Areas Accessible  to Tulihawa  Hospital  Kapilbastu, Nepal.
80 Teeka Sharma Bhusal 2010 An Investigation  on Female  Community  Health  Volunteers (FCHVS)  Role  and Impact  in Health Sector  of the  People  in Southern Villages of  Parbat District.
81 Umesh Kumar  Sah TU 2010 Epidemiological Study of Human  Lice  Borne  Diseases in  Pigaunavdc, Mahottari District  of Nepal
82 Yogeshwar Prasad Mishra H.I 2008  Prevalence of Brucellosis  n Buffaloes at Different  site of Bhaktapur District
83 Anju Shrestha MSC 2010 Prevalance  of Fascioliasis Present  in Buffaloes of Slaughter house in Kirtipur Municipality
84 Sushma KC H.I  2011 Study of Trichinellosis of pork Using Pepsin  Digestion  Method  in Kathmandu and Lalitpur
85 Lea Martnetti 2010 Surveillance report on porcine Trichinellosis diagnosed by ELI SA and pepsin  digestion methods during  the June/July 2010 in Teku Kathmandu
86 Manisha Kolakshyapati 2010 Comparative Study of Biochemical and Hematological  values in Hepatic Dogs of Kathmandu Valley
87 Samrat Shrestha May ,2011 A study report  on Microbiological Evaluation  of Water  Used in Post-Slaughter Practices for Goat Meat in Kathmandu Valley  with  special Reference  to E.col and
88 Sony Bajracharya TU 2011 Health Care Practiices and its Effect  on Health Status of : Children with Disability  visiting  Patan Community Based Rehabilitation Organization
89 Indrajit Lal  Karan Comparative Analysis  of Malaria Cases  Visiting  Government  and Private  Health  Facilities  at 3 VDCs of Siraha District
90 Robin Rana TU 2011 Parasitic Fauna of Rodents (Rodentia: Muridae) Trapped in Kirtipur and its Zoonotic importance
91 Dr. Subodh Sharma Dharan 2009 The Seroprevalence of  Cysticcercosis  in Children  Presenting  with Seizure
92 Dr. Murari  Pd Barakoti Dharan 2009 Cysticieirci Seroprevalence of in Adults Presenting  with Seizure
93 Shishir Bhandari H.I 2011 Assesment of Microbial Quality of Goat Meat from Different  Meat Shops of Kathmandu Valley
94 Anjana Silwal H.I 2011 Prevalence of Bovine  Tuberculosis  in Dhading  District
95 Santosh Dhakal  V.R 2012 Assessment of Pig Farmer Attributes in Kathmandu District Focusing Japanese Encephalitis  Risk Factors
96 Suraj Subedi V.R 2012 Hematology and Blood Chemistry  Analysis in Capative Himalayan Griffon Vulture (Gyps himalyensis
97 Yogendra Kumar Gaihre  TU 2000 Prevalence of Intestinal Helmnth Parasites in General Ascariasis in detail in Sarkies and Magars Community  of Tindobate  VDC , Syangja Nepal
98 Krishna Datt Bhatta V.R 2012 Seroprevalence of Toxoplasma gondii in Pregnant women and Slaughtered Pigs of Chitwan
99 Vijaya Gupta 2012 Infectivity of Theileria Annulata in Hyalomma Tricks and mapping of Tick Fauna of Eastern Terai, Nepal
100 Yanamani Nepal Masc,2012 Cross Sectional Study of Japanese Encephalitis in Pig and Human of Morang Disrict
101 Radha Rani Masc,2010 A Study to Determine the Prevalence of Helminths Parasites in Mules from Nepalgunj of District  Banke
102 Asha Kumari Sah Masc 2012 Prevalence of Intestinal Parasites Among  Tharu Community of Rajhena VDC of Banke District
103 Badri Nayak Masc,2008 Prevalence of Intestinal Parasites in Brahman and Magar Community  of Rimuwa VDC, Gulmi
104 Rita Kumari Sah  Masc,2009 Helminthes Parasites Among the People in Mithudawa VDC of Rauthat , Nepal
105 Sangita Nepal M T U 2010 Seasonal Prevalance  of  Intestinal Helminth Parasites in Rhesus Monkey (Macaca mulatto) of  SWOYAMBHU Area of Kathmandu Valley
106 Amir Sadaula 2012 Prevalence  of Taenia solium Cysticercosis in Slaughtered  Pigs and its Impact on Public  Health of Chitwan
107 Indu Tiwari 2012 M TU Seasonal Prevalence of Intestinal Parasites in Slum Area Near Naya Bazar. Pokhara Kaski
108 Sulekha Sharma 2012 H.I Seroprevalance of Leptospirosis in Dogs of Kathmandu